TV Series Worth Watching

 Big Love
Mormon guy with three beautiful wives living in side-by-side houses. Polygamy is illegal in Utah so they have to do it on the sly.

His wives have him on a pairing schedule where he gets two nights off a month.
Suburban housewife resorts to selling weed at her kids soccer games to keep her house and lifestyle after hubby dies of a sudden heart attack. 

But is her lifestyle worth keeping?

Snoop Doggy Dog makes a guest appearance and labels her product "Da Milf Weed."

PS Marie Louise Parker is the most beautiful woman on TV.
 Six Feet Under
Family funeral home business where someone dies in the open ing of each episode

The teenage daughter drives a written-off green hearse.

A pitch dark hilarious comedy. Intriguing characters, perhaps the best plot twists and most intriguing seasonal cliff hangers. The most emotional ending (after 5 seasons!)
Little Britain
IT Crowd
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Da Ali G Show
Sarah Sliverman Program
Flight of the Conchords
Family Guy
The Wire
30 Rock